The Priorities of the Hungarian Presidency

The Priorities of the Hungarian Presidency

Demographic challenges, the ageing society:
- The debate on demographic trends – a proposition to declare a European Year of the Family;
- Support for initiatives related to the ageing society;
- The renewal of the European Pact on gender equality.

Sustainable health systems:
- The encouragement of investments in health systems through the development of new models/solutions, in order to increase the efficiency of healthcare and the development of e-health systems;
- Progress in the work on the legislative Pharmaceutical Package; the Presidency aims to achieve political agreement on the draft for information to patients on prescription medicines;
- In order to provide better health security actions aiming to prepare for a bird flu pandemic and cross-border aspects of childhood vaccination;
- The assessment of the future of the EU Public Health Programme. The evaluation of initiatives of the EU and Member States on mental health and encouragement to live a healthy lifestyle.

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