The priorities of the Spanish Presidency

The priorities of the Spanish Presidency

The development of the idea of health based on common values and principles with regard to the priorities of the second programme of Community action in the field of health (2008-13) and the Union’s future health strategy;
The approval of the Directive on organ donation and transplants;
The development of advanced therapies;
The integrated care of and assistance for people with chronic and non-transmissible diseases;
The promotion of e-health;
The fostering of patients’ security improvement initiatives;
The improvement of pharmacovigilance systems and activities for the rational use of antibiotics and the fight against drug forgery;
The regulatory progress related to food security, through providing information concerning food products, new foodstuffs, and food and animal origin food hygiene to consumers,
Progress in obesity prevention plans;
Starting work on a regulation related to the consumers’ rights, with particular focus on general safety.

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