Principles of operation

The Council of the European Union is the main legislative body of the European Union. Competent ministers from 27 Member States meet regularly within the framework of different configurations of the Council. Depending on the issues covered, each State is represented by a Minister responsible for a given issue (foreign affairs, finance, social affairs, agriculture, etc.). The Presidency of the Council changes every six months on a rotating basis.

The Council is responsible for making decisions and coordinating activities. Its main activities and tasks include:

The passing of legal Acts, usually through a procedure of co-deciding with the European Parliament;

The coordination of the general economic policies of Member States;

The definition and implementation of a common European foreign policy and security policy on the basis of the guidelines defined by the European Council;

The conclusion of international agreements on behalf of the European Union between the European Union and one or more countries or international organisations;

The coordination of the activities of Member States and the adoption of means in the field of police and judicial cooperation in criminal matters;

The adoption of the budget of the Union in collaboration with the European Parliament.

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